Autor der „Books of Wonder“, zwei geniale Bände die wohl in jeder guten Bilbliothek eines Zauberers stehen. Hat ein dreifach DVD Set herausgegeben – Visions of Wonder – mit Effekten an welche sich jeder Zauberkünstler oder Zuschauer gern erinnert: The vanishing Birdcage, Two Cup Routine, Nest of Boxes, Coins Across, Ambitious Card Plus Ring Box, Card Through Handkerchief, Everywhere and Nowhere u.a.m. Mit seiner bekannten Darbietung (Becherspiel – Vogelkäfig) gewann er 1987 die FISM.

Einige Meinungen aus einem „Magic Board“:

  • „A great magician, and a legend. He will be missed more than can be imagined, and his books now will be even more highly sought after!“
  • „Tommy Wonder did for me what few magicians have been able to do… he honestly fooled me with his magic, and he made me think harder about my own.“
  • „Another of magic’s legends gone! There is little I can say to express my sorrow at hearing this sad news. He was a true gentleman and a giant.“
  • „What to say? He had the mind of a fine watchmaker, the hands of a surgeon, the soul of an artist and the voice of a teacher. Rarely does such a fine performer also have the ability to talk about what he does. That was one of his remarkable gifts.“
  • „Our paths crossed more often than they might have, given the distance between our homes, but hardly often enough. I had hoped to one day have an act that he approved of. Like the song says, „the day the music died“. „
  • „Go back to „The Visions of Wonder“… Look at that Nest of Boxes… you know, the one with the clock inside the box on the little table… „
  • „Tommy was a great mind and innovator of our art. Nothing could stop him. His nest of boxes was just one of the many pieces he performed that is proof of this. I wish we can all learn from his talents and ingenuity and take a little bit of Tommy with each of us as we create and passdown our talents.“
  • „Tommy will be missed, but his memory will live on! My prayers are with his family and loved ones … „

Er war zu Lebzeiten schon einer der großen Stars, zählte zu den Legenden in Magic, bewundert, verehrt – er war ein Gentleman in Magic!