Steve Forte ist Falschspielexperte, einer der wohl anerkanntesten Experten auf dem Gebiet des Falschspiels und mit der dementsprechenden Fingerfertigkeit ausgestattet. Er hat in vielen Casino´s gearbeitet und weltweit die verschiedensten Casino´s über Falschspieler und wie man sie erkennt beraten. Sein Können umfasst die Bereiche des Falschspiel, Vorteilsspiel, vorbeugende Maßnahmen gegen Falschspiel, eine Analyse für die angebotenen Casino Spieltische und Slotmaschinen.

As a consultant he has provided in-depth instruction, live demonstrations, and hands-on game protection training for all management capacities, as well as gaming/criminal case preparation, outside surveillance, procedural reviews, game pace audits, evaluation of suspect casino equipment (dice, cards, wheel, shufflers etc.), and evaluations of suspect surveillance footage.
Whenever Forte speaks or publishes people in the business take note. He has been featured in many television shows and newspaper articles. His video series and books are among the most sought after products in the field of cheating. He was also the consultant on the now classic poker movie, „Rounders,“ starring Matt Damon and Ed Norton.

Das Buch Casino Game Protection
The long awaited book by Steve Forte, who is without a doubt the best sleight-of-hand artist and gambling/cheating authority in the world, has finally been released. The book is „The most important, definitive treatise ever presented on the methods, detection and prevention of Casino Scams, Theft, Card Counters and all Advantage Strategies.“ It is a complete one-volume course in the science of casino game protection that features the most accurate and previously unexposed methods, techniques and equipment used to cheat at the games commonly seen in casinos.

First Edition: 2005. Published by SLF Publishing, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada. 628 pages, more than 500 color photographs, 8.75″x11.25″ hard cover. This is a limited edition printing and may never be available in this format again. All of our current copies have been hand-signed by Mr. Forte.

Gambling Protection Video Series
This 4-volume set of videos demonstrates many of the techniques used to cheat at gambling games.

Das Buch Poker Protection
Poker Protection Cheating and the World of Poker, is a significantly, expanded follow-up study to the acclaimed „Casino Game Protection – A Comprehensive Guide“ that exclusively explores the game of poker. It presents the topic of cheating with scope and objectivity, covers a wide range of scams employed by both amateurs and professional cheaters, provides important perspective and historical background, and makes the clear distinction between the casino/cardroom game and the home/private game providing players, dealers, and industry executives with the first, modern treatment of cheating and its impact on the game.

Poker Protection was written for gamers and players, for all capacities and levels of experience, but primarily, it was written for anyone hungry for knowledge.