Zauberkünstler, Magician, Trickbetrüger

Berühmte Zauberkünstler aller Sparten ...


Hier findest Du berühmte Zauberkünstler aus alles Welt.


Von der erscheinenden Taube bis hin zum verschwindenden Elefanten.


Vom Hütchenspieler bis hin zum Karten Trickbetrüger.

S.W. Erdnase – Zauberkünstler

Erdnase's true identity is one of the enduring mysteries of the magic community. Martin Gardner has proposed that a small-time con man named Milton Franklin Andrews was the author (S.W. Erdnase spelled backwards is E.S. Andrews, lending support to the theory that...

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Darwin Ortiz – Zauberkünstler

Darwin Ortiz has a duel career both as a magician and an authority on gambling and cheating. He excels and is generally considered an expert in both. As a highly skilled technician with a deck of cards he can accomplish amazing magic and regularly demonstrates...

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